Our dogboots securely stay on. Pet dogbooties, working dog boots, sporting dog shoes, disabled dogs boots, shield wound dressings and alleviate lameness caused by cuts and bruises to dog paws. The dog boots protect active dog feet against injury and harsh ground. Slip resistant, washable, durable yet low cost.

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Dog Boots

Our dogboots protect active dogs' paws against injury and harsh ground
Dog Boots

Protect dog paws from injury on harsh terrain, shield wounds and dressings.

Protection for Active Dogs

Recommended by Peter Wedderburn
in Daily Telegraph
(part about dog boots is about half way down the article)

Selected for use by Police Dog Handlers at the G8 Summit 2005

Used by Alan Stewart of the Cairngorm Sleddog Centre (Alan has been featured on the BBC on Country File, Mountains and Johnny Kingdom during 2007)

Special boots, leg supports and prosthesis to help disabled dogs

Don't wait for accidents.
Always carry a pair of dog boots in case your dog injures himself

We can help other animals too

All our products are made in Ireland

We ship worldwide


Leg Protectors
Leg protectors for agility and flyball, also provide joint support
Leg Protectors

Protect agility and flyball dogs from skid injuries. Also provide support to weak joints


Disabled Dog?
Special dog boots can be made for dogs that have disabilities - please contact us

As featured in Dog Fancy Magazine September 2005 issue
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Hot dog?
Are the streets too hot to walk your dog? Protect his paws with our regular dog boots
Hiking with your dog?
Protect your dog's paws from thorns, rocks, corals and bruising with our regular dog boots
What sort of dog boots
do I need for my dog?

Cold dog?
Protect your dog's paws from ice, snow and salt with our dog boots - regular waterproof range