Dogs That Slip on Smooth Floors


Megsie, Golden Retriever, Hertfordshire, UK
Her owner writes "I bought the boot for her front paw a few months ago as she has a cyst between two of her toes on her front paw and she was having trouble walking on a new path being laid in the woodland at the back of our house where we walked every day. Unfortunately, after wearing it only twice she was seriously ill and we nearly lost her and it has taken her quite a while, being an old lady, to recoup.

But....she was also having trouble walking on the tiles on our kitchen floor and even getting up on the carpets in the other rooms as her old paws no longer have the grip of younger pads! So I bought her a pair for her back feet as well and she is a different dog! (although I can't say she now bounds around like a youngster) but she now walks confidently into the kitchen and it is so much easier for her to get up on any surface.

I have now ordered a second set as she is again walking in the woods and at this time of year it is very muddy in there and, just lately, we have to cross a brook to get into the woods which during the summer dries up, and, bless her, she does love to paddle across it! So I will then have a set for her to walk in the mud and a set for her to wear indoors."


Maggie - Golden Retriever - California, USA

Her owner writes:

I am writing to let you know how very satisfied we are with our Pro-Active Paws Dog Boots!! They fit like a "glove"!! Maggie, our golden, has been wearing them for a week now and she clearly realizes they help make her life easier. She has been so much happier with her ability to get up and down from a prone position with much less expended effort than before. She has been more puppy like in her play. When I tell her its time for her boots she cooperates 100% of the time and has never attempted to remove them.

I could not be happier with the boots and how they function. I have shared your info with my vetrenarian and he too was pleased with the improvment in Maggie's mobility I know many Golden owners and I will be sharing your company's info with them as well. As the owner of a service dog I am totally dedicated to her well being and your product has helped in my quest to make a positive difference in her quailty of life.


Dundee, South Carolina, USA
His owner writes: "We are thrilled with Dundee's boots. They fit so well. Now he's got so much rear traction he sometimes slides in the front, but not enough to cause a problem. I may not have mentioned intially, but he has no left hip and a titanium right hip as well as hair betwen his toes, so he was having great difficulty on our new laminate floor. The boots have been a godsend. An added bonus is that the boots have also given him confidence, so if he's not excited he can manuever the floors better than before.


Clancy - Chesapeake Bay Retriever - Virginia, USA

Clancy has loss of control of hind legs which causes them to slide out from under him on stairs and slippery floors. He also drags his paws and damages them

Rick writes: "We received the dog boots today, and Clancy doesn't seem to mind them at all. He has showed no irritation, and he has not attempted to chew them. I noticed that, as you said in the instructions, it is crucial to get the lower strap tight to keep the boots from sliding down. The boots appear to be satisfying the primary reason we ordered them - to provide traction for his hind legs on our slippery interior floors and stairs because he has lost some of the motor control in his hind legs and drags his feet. He has gone up the slippery hardwood steps twice now, and, while he hesitated somewhat because of his recent experience with the steps, his hind legs did not slip on the steps either time. If anything, he had become conditioned to slipping, and he is now having to make some adjustment to manage the amount of traction now available. "

Sasha - Wiemeraner - Cheshire, UK

Jane, Sasha's owner writes:

Sasha has not walked for seven weeks now following spinal surgery, her progress has been painfully slow.

Saturday morning the boots arrived, Sasha could not walk or stand herself up. We tried the boots on her and by Saturday evening she
could stand herself up. Today I put her out on the patio with the boots on and not only has she manged to stand herself up but she has also walked the 6-7 metres back into the house.

I know the boots haven't magically made her walk, but they have stopped her from slipping and they are also protecting her paws from the scrapping so they have given her the confidence to try to walk.


Penny and Zora - Cavalier King Charles Spaniels - California, USA

Dorothie writes:

Thanks for the boots. With some experimentation I think that I have the method in hand. I did have to get some bitter apple as my puppy wanted to chew on the front ones.

They fit and they stay on - you are right, they have to go on tight. They don't twist and I really appreciate them. Zora, our puppy, loves them. She was already bouncing a mile high the first time we put them on and they keep the girls from slipping on the hardwood floor - you know that fur between the toes.

I have enclosed a picture. As always Penny is her most composed self and Zora - well, Zora is seven months old and was in a silly mood.

I tried three other kinds of boots before I found you. My return mail bill was high. Thank goodness for the Internet. Who would guess that I could find the right boots in Ireland while sitting here in California?

Fila - British Columbia, Canada
Diane writes: The boots work really well, and Fila doesn’t seem to mind them at all. She walked with them on right away, and when she chased her ball on the lawn outside, the boots stayed on just fine. The added bonus is that she can now walk on the kitchen floor, as the boots give her some grip and she doesn’t slide! I think she was quite surprised!


Ellie, Redbone Coonhound, California, USA

Marcia writes:

We are so gratefull to have found your "Dog Boots". They have been a lifesaver. Ellee had surgery in April for a detached tendon on her left hind foot. Since that time we have had to try and keep her as quiet as possible. Until we found your wonderful boots it was very difficult to keep her from slipping on our hardwood floors. When she would get excited her front feet would loose traction and she would fall. We were so afraid she would undo the surgery and re-injure the tendon. Your boots work wonderfully and she doesn't mind wearing them at all, as you can see from the attached pictures.